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Here you will also find exclusive listings for Debonair Designs who has been designing for 18" dolls since 2006.

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Debonair Designs specializes in original hand knitting patterns designed to fit American Girl & 18" Gotz Dolls, also patterns designed to fit 18" all vinyl Slim Kidz 'n' Cats Dolls.

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Doll Guide


18" Götz Dolls, identifying them - AG doll alternative


This guide is dedicated to provide information about 18 inch articulated Götz Dolls.

I am offering this guide since I get asked quite often for information about the dolls that model my knitted doll designs. I hope you'll visit my listings under Debonair Designs for completed outfits made available through Tekay-intl, that are especially designed to fit American Girl Dolls and these comparable Götz Dolls that share the same articulated body type.

The models I make use of are from the well-respected German doll manufacturing company known as Götz, a German company with an American subsidiary based in Baldwinsville, United States. Marianne and Franz Götz founded Götz Puppenfabrik in 1950. The first dolls were made of paper mache and were crafted with the help of five family members and sold directly to the public by Franz Götz.

These models were produced as a line of children's play dolls, that share the same soft cloth body type as the popular American Girl Dolls©, which is not surprising since Götz aided in the assembly of what was known as 'Pleasant Company American Girl dolls' during the 1990's at their Baldwinsville location. The factory closed in 2004 and the site in Germany closed shortly thereafter. Today these dolls can be mostly found via secondary market sites like eBay. Shares the same articulated body type as American Girl Dolls.

These play dolls stand 18" with full vinyl arms and legs articulated at the top with ball joints in order to hold a pose. Read more about the lines that were produced along with pictures for identifying them and learn about their differences.

Götz 'Little Sisters Collection' ~ 2001 - 2002

The 'Little Sisters' line were produced by Götz, but were sold under, 'Dolls Unlimited', a division of idols, in the years 2001 and 2002. The three dolls in this line are: Lily, a blue eyed blond with full bangs, Tess, a brown eyed brunette also with full bangs and Katie, a blue/gray eyed strawberry blond with center part, pictured wearing their starter outfits.

Little Sisters

The face mold used for this line is known as the 'Mona Lisa' face mold, they are fully articulated having the ability to hold their position with ball joints in their vinyl arms and legs just like the American girl dolls and were made so they have a slightly pigeon toed stance with beautiful open and close sleep eyes and soft eye lashes. This particular line only have high quality Kanekalon wigs, identifying markings stamped on the back of their neck is mold number 305/16 and their heads are attached to their bodies by string ties.

Gotz Precious Day Collection
Götz 'Precious Day Collection' ~ 2003

Götz used the same 'Mona Lisa' face mold for a new updated version, called the 'Precious Day Collection'.

The 'Precious Day' name has been used by Götz for many years, first just for babies, then also for these 18" girl play dolls starting in 2002, this was the year after Götz stopped making the 'Little Sisters Collection'.

The 'Precious Day Collection' dolls have the exact same body as the 'Little Sisters', with the exception of the pigeon toed stance. Although they share the same face mold, the difference between the two lines is found in the hair. Their hair is not Kanekalon, but instead a high quality synthetic hair that is machine rooted into the vinyl head and most often have some kind of bangs to cover the seam produced from the rooted hair.

The 'Precious Day' line also included Asian and Latino dolls, Alicia and Kimberly in the first two years, that made use of a different face mold but was later dropped from the collection.

Alicia, an Hispanic doll with a darker complexion and black eyes that came wearing a three piece casual suit and

Kimberly, an oriental doll with dark brown hair and eyes that came wearing a pink jumper paired with a white printed top

Elisabeth, a brown eyed brunette with layered hair

Meet the other dolls in the 'Precious Day' collection

Julia, a blue/gray eyed red head also with layered hair and Jessica, a blue eyed layered blond

Ashley, a blue eyed brunette who wore pink plaid capris and a light pink tee-shirt.

Toward the end of 2003, Götz added two more dolls to the collection.

and Emily, a brown eyed blond, who came wearing jeans with a tee-shirt featuring pink hearts and a hot pink nylon jacket. Emily was produced one time only in December of 2003.

These updated versions had two or three piece outfits that were modern in design with all skirts or dresses and each year they changed their outfits with the original outfits having socks, shoes and dresses only.

I hope that this guide along with their identification photos have been helpful and knowledgeable, I will be more than happy to help with any further questions, please feel free to use the contact ~ Deb of Debonair Designs at Tekay-intl an eBay Store.

Source: Internet Research

Disclaimer: Debonair Designs is not affiliated with any doll or doll clothing companies.

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Kalendar Kidz publications now available


Hi everyone, FINALLY I'm able to post that both volumes of Kalendar Kidz knitting pattern books.

They are now available via Debonair Designs @ tekay-intl an ebay store.

Kalendar Kidz Vol.1 Knitting Pattern Book

Volume 1 ~ January through June

Kalendar Kidz Vol.2 Knitting Pattern Book

Volume 2 ~ July through December

Original Knitwear Designs for the 18" Kidz 'n' Cats® girls and boys dolls

Outfits By Debonair Designs

Debonair Designs Photo Index vol.1
Photo Index vol.1

Kalendar Kidz volume one offers six months of original hand knitted designs for slim bodied all vinyl dolls such as the Kidz 'n' Cats girls and boys by Sonia Hartmann. Volume one opens with Jersey Beacons, a Gansey inspired sweater set suitable for those blustery winter January days and ends with Aletta's school year's end Fifties Flair themed dance, featuring a flattering bolero jacket with an accent lace stitch edging for an extra feminine touch, also a perfect compliment for a June bridesmaid's attire. 17 patterns including accessories depicting designs suitable for January through to June

Debonair Designs Photo Index vol.2
Photo Index vol.2

This special edition Kalendar Kidz volume two with 148 pages, completes the calendar year with six more months of original hand knitted designs for 18” slim bodied all vinyl dolls such as the Kidz 'n' Cats® dolls by Sonia Hartman including designs for mini Kidz too!

Opening with refreshing summer picks on through seeing the Kidz back to school with staple basic essentials along with the opportunity to explore colorful options as the palette changes and dips into fall featuring stylish textured stitched sweaters and cosy cables as the temperatures drop, ending with classic lines in the form of new winter coats just in time for the winter holidays.

19 patterns including accessories depicting designs suitable for July through December, offering both classic and stylish knitwear and unique textured stitches with an introduction to cable work, all formatted to suit both the beginner and seasoned knitter to enjoy a whole calendar year of knitwear designs that began with Kalendar Kidz Vol. One depicting designs suitable for January through June with the continuation of the year depicted in this volume